Susan Xanthopoulos


 A veteran rider, trainer of FEI Level dressage and USDF Silver Medalist, Susan Xananthopoulos is co-founder of J&S Sport Horses, Inc.   Susan adheres to time- honored training principles based on Classical Dressage.  

Susan possesses an accomplished record of showing and training to top level dressage. She trains and teaches to promte correct riding with kindness to the rider and the horse.


 Susan has studied under internationally known trainers: 


  • Dale Forbes: Long time student of Rudolph Zeilinger and Willi Schultheis, extensive competitor in Germany, USDF Gold Medalist, long-listed              

  • Kelly McGinnis: Combined Training World Champion Bronze Medalist  

  • Sandy Pflueger: Interntional and Training US Member 1984 US Olympics

  • Ellen Eckstein:  USDF Gold Medalist (where Susan met Tom Dorrance) 

  • Lilo Fore: Renowned teacher, FEI "S" Judge and international rider and competitor 

  • Dennis Callen: International competitor and USDF Gold Medalist 

  • Krissy Harrison: Competitor in the Pan American Games 

  • Pam Nelson: "S" Judge and USDF Gold Medalist

  • Nicola Stauder: German Bereiter - Equine Biomechanics


And many other trainers from Europe.


Susan’s students learn partnership skills needed to become a successful rider.  Susan teaches basics to advanced level dressage. 

Susan studied under the renowned trainers Tom Dorrance and Dr. Gerd Heuschmann where she began to further study equine balance, straightness training and equine biomchanics of the horse and rider.


She has lectured around the country on how riders can use this research to improve their equitation and vastly improve connection, straightness and movement of their horses.