Avoid the Neck Bend!

I see so many riders bending the neck to the inside when the horses body should be bent around the inside leg instead. What happens when you bend the neck too much to the inside? The horse falls on it's inside leg and pops it's outside shoulder toward the outside. The balance is the opposite connection desired. With that dynamic in place you've lost straightness in your horses body, when you should have more contact and control of your outside rein than your inside rein. By riding with too much neck bend you've lost the total connection between horse and rider! To correct this you need more outside rein and straighten your horse's. Think of the alignment from the ears to the tail being straight. Sometimes you may even need to momentarily counter bend to the outside to get your horse standing evenly on all for feet. Your inside leg is at the girth and your outside leg behind the girth. You have a good steady connection with the outside rein and just slightly less on your inside rein always pushing your inside hand forward and never pulling backwards. Your bend is with the your legs and seat and your reins are an extension of your body. The forwardness with your horses motion and the connection with your reins create a incredible centrifugal force and connection with that outside rein, your legs and seat.

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